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Ai Smart Chat App Development

Today and even more so in the future, Artificial Intelligence is changing the way companies do business. Some of these future Ai benefits can be reaped today with a Ai Smart Chat application. Let Ardon add an Ai Smart Sales Chat App to offset and automated some of the routine sales processes. Leverage Ai in your sales cycle to ensure that no client potential, opportunities or possible revenue streams are not overlooked or missed. Start with an Ai Smart Chat application, see results then move into more advanced Ai applications and business automation.

Tech Specs:

  •   Cognitive Tool Kit
  •   Neutral Language
  •   Open AI
  •   Server Analysis Services

Enterprise Software Development

From an out-of-the-box standard config installs to a fully customized build out and everything in between, Ardon delivers the Enterprise solutions that will positively impact your unique business model. Our Team analyzes your current infrastructure and we access your desired goals and objectives. We then recommend and implement the best Enterprise solution that is adaptive to your complex and changing business needs. We wouldn't move forward if we don't have a plan to not only meet but exceed your desired business KPIs for your Enterprise solution.

Tech Specs:

  •   Website Dynamics CRM
  •   Microsoft Dynamics ERP
  •   Dynamics AX and Dynamics GP
  •   SharePoint

Mobile Development

“Mobile is the medium of the Millennials” we say. Having a Mobile Application integrated into your business model is something that no company can no longer afford to put off until next quarter. Let Ardon show and work with you to create and impactful presence in the mobile marketplace. Together we will examine your current processes and then create and execute on an innovative mobile solution that will simplify and enhance the way you currently doing business. We use the most advanced and industry standard technologies in iOS / Android mobile development. Our objective is to deliver a solution with an UI Design that user will want to pick up and engage with.

Tech Specs:

  •   Android Development
  •   iOS Development
  •   Hybrid Mobile App Development
  •   Mobile UI/UX Design

Ecommerce Development

Have a website and now you ready to do business on it with an e-commerce solution? So many eCommerce options out there you, don't know where to go? At Ardon, we will assess your current resources and requirements. Then we will recommend and implement the right e-commerce solution based on your budget and integrate that solution as much as possible into your current business processes, to improve business efficiencies. We have the ability to execute on the entire eCommerce intuitive from website design to fully implementing industry standard solutions like Magento, Open Cart, Drupal Commerce etc into a new or existing backend. All with the goal of making elements of the business model easier to execute and more profitable.

Tech Specs:

  •   Magento Development
  •   Open Cart Development
  •   Zen Cart Development
  •   Custom E-Comm Development

Website UI/UX Development

In today's competitive marketplace, websites can no longer afford to be online brochures. The goal of a business today should be to leverage their website to improve business efficiencies for existing client base and at the same time executing on a strategy to reach new clients. To get there, at Ardon we use agile methodologies and innovative processes to rapidly deploy web solutions on time and on budget. Our mission is not only to create great designs that users will want to engage with because it is intuitively easy and fun. But it does not stop there with us. Now that we have them in engaged, we implement the next phase of systematic process on the website to do business better and/or growing revenues.

Tech Specs:

  •   Custom Web Development
  •   CMS Development
  •   WordPress Development Services
  •   Drupal Development Services

Custom Software Development

Do you have an idea or a solution for a new product or to improve an existing one? Not sure what to do or where to turn for honest analysis and assessment with a Team that is capable of executing on that custom solution? At Ardon, we start with a detailed assessment of current infrastructure, including hard and soft resources against required needs. In some cases after this process, it might be determined a properly configured out-of-the-box software with the option for rapid deployment and lower costing might be the right solution. But whether it’s an out-of-the-box or a fully customized solution or a hybrid of both, we will implement the right solution to that will work for your business.

Tech Specs:

  •   Database Management Solution
  •   SAAS Based Applications
  •   Product Development Solution
  •   Product Customization Solution

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