Our Skill-Sets



Software development is about providing the best outcome that drives the value for your business. At Ardon we know AngularJS, Backbone.js, Ember.js, React, KnockoutJS etc. We also develop high-performance, scalable and realtime web applications using Node.js. Our Team has wide experience in developing Node.js apps for various needs and business tasks.

Tech Specs:

  •   Asp.Net
  •   Csharp
  •   Erlang
  •   Objective C
  •   Php
  •   Python
  •   Java
  •   Javascript


At Ardon, we are well-versed in the custom software development and can carry out the programming, database design, client-server & internet software application development. We produce custom-built solutions for a number of industries. Using cutting-edge technologies, such as Python/Django, AngularJS and PostgreSQL, we design and develop high-quality web applications aimed to satisfy our clients’ needs and give measurable results.

Tech Specs:

  •   Angularjs
  •   Visual Basic
  •   Backbonejs
  •   Django
  •   Jquery
  •   Codeigniter
  •   Django
  •   Knockout


The reason for a cloud-based business solution is simple. Moving to managed cloud infrastructure solutions frees up your company's resources, to do more business. A properly deployed cloud solution brings a high level of automation to tasks which can save businesses time and money. We like to build completely scalable to your business model by the turning of dials. At Ardon, we use a cloud first deployment model. Whether your product needs to be in AWS or Azure cloud environment or is a new or cloud migration project. We are the cloud first company that can help get you there.

Tech Specs:

  •   Amazon Web services: Ec2, S3, PAAS, Glacier
  •   Microsoft Azure: Compute, Data, Network and App solutions
  •   Cassandra
  •   Postgres Sql
  •   Sql Server

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  • Ardon Caribbean:
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